Tehya is a 20-year-old ballerina, songwriter, and writer; she lives in Los Angeles, but grew up in New York City where her childhood was filled with dancing at the School of American Ballet alongside the New York City Ballet for many years, singing with the children's chorus at the Metropolitan Opera and playing shows with her original music at venues such as The Bitter End. She is a co-founder of do-good business 13 Wishes by @theyasisters a platform to highlight inspiring young adults and raise awareness and funds for social justice issues including bringing the arts to communities where they are limited or not accessible.

Tehya has had the opportunity to work alongside inspiring artists learning incredible lessons along the way, including Jennie Ford (dance captain for Broadway's Evita, American In Paris, and more), Tony Marion (Producer of Broadway's Big Fish, Groundhog Day, The X-Magazine, and more)& Drew Lawrence (Songwriter for Lea Michelle, Christina Perri, Kelly Clarkson, and more).

Tehya is a contributing writer to Ariana Huffington's Thrive Global online magazine, where she shares about the impact of our healthcare system on patients living with invisible illnesses in the hopes that it will make what is invisible, visible.  ​

Through everything, she hopes to capture moments of her journey that can help influence others to do good in their corner of the world.


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